PSA: Danger of Tickle Wars

1st video from Armadillo Stampede that attempts a story and uses our new camera, lights, and mic setup. So many mistakes, but we learned so much. Enjoy!

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ZEU - Cow Head Day

Are you like me? Do you see zombie films where the hero shoots an arrow through a zombie's head, pulls it out, and repeats? Over and over and over again? Do you wonder just how many times an arrow can really be re-used? I did. And with beers and cameras in hand, my friends and I tried it out.

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Rockets in Space: short

Armadillo Stampede came about because I wanted to make a feature length film. But gotta walk before I run... I'm no baby giraffe. Some people say stupid shit like "hey man, let's start a band." I say stupid shit to Will like "hey man, let's make a movie."

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