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Armadillo Stampede came about because I wanted to make a feature length film. But gotta walk before I run... I'm no baby giraffe. Some people say stupid shit like "hey man, let's start a band." I say stupid shit to Will like "hey man, let's make a movie."

And he was stupid enough to say "yeah."

Then I got to thinking... first film will be bad. Bad props, bad acting, bad many things. So why not embrace it! Make a 30's era black and white science-fiction film! So I began my research by watching the original King Kong and 1930s Flash Gordons. Then an assortment of bad scifi.

After much soul searching and domain name availability checks, I settled on Rockets in Space! I've put years into building up props, a script, a team, and filmmaking knowledge. I'm very excited and can't wait to deliver this for everyone to see.

So with a script in hand, most things figured out, we plan to shoot this short in late 2015. We're on track and hope to deliver a short of Rockets in Space to entertain!

Next year... feature Rockets in Space! Can you dig it? Because if you can, remember to Stay Updated.