NH Filmmakers

I’m a filmmaker that’s not in Boston, “made in Georgia”, Hollywood, Bollywood, or Nollywood. I live in Milford, New Hampshire USA. I’ll be here for a while too.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t found other filmmakers near me or artists of talent. This page is dedicated to listing filmmakers I’m following in the area. Don’t find yourself on this list but want to be? Well, you’re in luck. I have a contact page.

Early Late Night Live Show

What a great show and way to get to know other artists in the area. Checkout their website at http://www.earlylatenightlive.com/ or more importantly, follow them on Facebook and YouTube. I watch their episode on YouTube often. There’s a new, live show posted almost every Wed. Speaking of their show, I was a guest and was interviewed. So if you’re going to watch just one, make it that one.

Narrow Street Films

This production company run by Terry Traynor. But his family, especially KJ are there too. He has built a huge group of friends, family, and artists that come together to make films. You can watch some of their early work on YouTube (I’m a fan of Artists and Iditots). But there is also content on Amazon Prime for easy viewing.

Terry is very skilled with action scenes. It was a pleasure to meet Terry and KJ on the ELNL Show and I plan to have more run-ins with them in filmmaking.

Follow Narrow Street Films here and watch them grow: https://www.narrowstreetfilms.com/

Killarney Traynor

AKA, KJ. KJ can be found at ELNL show and Narrow Street Films. I know… kind of a pattern in the list of this webpage. It just happens that the Traynors are very active in NH. She’s written books, written movies, and directed films. Find her through her site: https://www.killarneytraynor.com/

Smoking Bottle Entertainment

Check out the site here: http://www.smokingbottleentertainment.com/ . Adam W. Griswold has produced multiple feature and short films. Even having some on Amazon Prime. As with Narrow Street Films, Adam has surrounded himself with friends, family, and artists that come together to help bring Smoking Bottle Entertainment’s works to life.

Revelry Studios

I love that Revelry exists. Professionals working to produce music videos. A legit business location, business plan (I think anyways), and pros to back it up. It’s fun to follow Revelry as they do their thing in Manchester, NH. Find them here: https://www.revelrystudios.com/

But It Did Happen Productions

A production company dedicated to narrative works. It’s made short and feature works. Adam Newman is on my list of local filmmakers that I need to meet.

Find them here: https://www.butitdidhappenproductions.com/

Thorndike Productions

I’ve met with Ryan and really enjoy his energy and determination to become a filmmaker. I look forward to seeing what he produces in the coming years. Check out his site: https://thorndikeproductions.com/ .

In addition to his narrative work, he also does video for hire if you need something for your business or wedding videography.

Upcoming film!

Armadillo Stampede produced a film. Currently in post production, but you can find out more details at


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