It’s impossible to research how to become a filmmaker without people telling you to watch ‘this’ film or ‘study’ that person’s style. And like a chorus, many of the people I am learning from have said to study Hitchcock and his films. So I had to suffer through the learning. And by suffer, I mean watch great movies and listen to great quotes from Alfred himself.

And here’s some tidbits I learned while taking this online course:

  • Like many great men, a great woman stood behind him: his wife, Alma Reville. She was in the movie biz before he was and helped him in so many ways throughout the years. He wouldn’t take a project on without her sign-off.
  • He did things his way; even when it wasn’t what was asked. That can-do, somewhat sneaky attitude reflects so much in many stories I’ve read and heard about great filmmakers.
  • He was on the technical edge. Shooting a talkie and a silent at the same time (and doing more than he was asked to). He even shot a 3D movie. They just weren’t blue, giant people.
  • Oh yeah, and something about him being the “Master of Suspense”. Kind of like how He-Man was the “Master of the Universe”. It really is a treat to listen his interviews over the years.
  • He was making films for a VERY long time. From silents, to talkies, to color. 61 years of making films. From 1919-1980. I mean… daaaaammmmn.
  • Goodwill has a pretty good selection of his films if you go often enough. For $8, I bought 21 of his films.

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