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Just like babies take a village, a film takes a village of artists and enthusiasts. Armadillo Stampede is dedicated to creating visual stories. And that takes more than just one skilled person. I (Ethan) am looking to meet and collaborate with other local artists. My goal is to build a network of individuals passionate about creating videos in and around the Milford, NH area.

What and who is Armadillo Stampede looking for? Well… lots. Here’s a very incomplete list.

  • Actors
  • Make-up / Hair people
  • Set builders
  • Prop makers
  • Monster creators
  • Access to cool locations¬†– Office environments, restaurants, shops, beautiful locations, warehouses, futuristic, cabin in the woods, a cool bridge, a mini cave, that creek on your property, access to an interesting house (Ethan is an apartment dweller), etc.
  • Unique things – a unique antique car, access to a boat, a creepy/totally haunted piece of furniture.
  • Know anyone good at making fake blood?
  • Someone with two good hands and willingness to show up and learn.

Please use the Contact Page to reach me if you’re interested in helping. I will be happy to communicate with you. Filmmaking is a long process. It might be months or years before I’m ready to make a short or feature that could leverage a certain actor’s skills or someone’s location.

And as always:

  • Lights
  • Camera
  • Scamper

Upcoming film!

Armadillo Stampede produced a film. Currently in post production, but you can find out more details at

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