lights, camera, scamper

Basically, we're a bunch of bafoons lead by Ethan running around with the purpose of learning filmmaking and creating content for everyone to enjoy.

Filmmaking is not a one-man gig. Just like babies take a village, a film takes a village of idiots. The goal of this site is to showcase that while we may be a group of bafoons, we are dedicated to learning the craft and generating content for others to enjoy.

Filmmaking is about creativity. It's about problem solving. It has a draw to it that is irresistible to some.

Armadillo Stampede is looking to find local talents. In what you might ask... well, anything. The stampede is meant to trample through projects at quick speeds and no budget. And for that, talent and enthusiasm is needed.

  • Actors
  • Make-up / Hair
  • Set building
  • Prop Making
  • Monster creators
  • Access to cool locations

If you're near me in southern New Hampshire and interested, contact us.

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