Guess who has a green screen thanks to a very generous donation from a stranger! ME!!!! How awesome is that? Guess who’s cat vomited on the green screen the first time I set it up? That’s right… my cat. Luckily, it cleaned out nicely. But I was told that my vocals and language could be heard on the other side of the apartment complex. Read on to see the results.

I bought some D&D books off of Craigslist and while picking them up at some dude’s apartment, I chatted about my Rockets in Space film project. The dude gave me an unused 10′ X 12′ green screen! How narly the planets must have been in alignment that day.

Once I had a green screen, I had to learn to use it. Poop tons of youtube video watching, article reading, and trial and error led me to the following understanding of green screens and the issues with them.

I’ve done enough testing of the screen to know I need more lighting and that using my point and shoot won’t working out too well. Haven’t tried it with the DSLR yet. Probably will soon, though… It’ll have to be something with plastic dinosaurs and my son.

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