We’ve wrapped!

After MONTHS of planning, video chat reherasals, and blood/sweat/tears, Rockets in Space: Rescue Above Neptune was filmed! I dropped my camera and broke it, I had a corrupted hard drive, and maybe a few other things to sort out while filming. But I have no regrets and had a blast with everyone. I think they had some fun too :D.

The Strand Theatre in Dover, NH hosted us. Dan-the-man at the Strand was an amazing host. I lived at his theater for 7 days. Three days to setup everything, three days of filming, and one day of tear down.

The film now enters into post-production. That will take many, many months. There’s a ton of special effects, sound effects, and more that needs to happen. Looking for a release sometime in 2021.

I cannot thank everyone enough: the cast, the crew, friend & family. It takes a village, and I was surrounded by an amazing tribe.

This website will go rather un-updated for a while as I focus on post production. When i do start posting here more, it will be focused on fellow filmmakers and I’ll try to make it more video-centric. But all that’s for 2021-2022.

Remember to check out RocketsInSpace.com!


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