Are you like me? Do you see zombie films where the hero shoots an arrow through a zombie’s head, pulls it out, and repeats? Over and over and over again? Do you wonder just how many times an arrow can really be re-used? I did. And with beers and cameras in hand, my friends and I tried it out.

This was a great day of friends, fun, and manly fruity beers. It may have taken me A LONG time to edit the footage together, but I hope everyone enjoyed.

Not a normal Armadillo Stampede project, but made with love by friends before Armadillo Stampede was even started. But what a great way for me to learn the mechanics of editing.

In summary, I don’t think I’ll even bother picking up a bow & arrow weapon during the apocalypse. I’d be better off with a bat or something simple to use up the weight I carry with me.

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