Watch the crew of a small shuttle make their way to a tanker vessel in this short science fiction film.

This is a very short science fiction genre film. I am very proud of it and also able to see its flaws. So watch and enjoy! This is about as “ethan” as a 1 minute short can get.

It’s my first film leveraging a team of people. And so I decided to do and learn the following:

  • build a scifi set (the cockpit)
  • build model spaceships (one 22 inches long)
  • learn to how to film models in front of a green screen
  • learn my camera (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k)
  • learn to edit (Blackmagic Davinci Resolve)
  • learn to color correct
  • Foley
  • work with actors for the first time
  • do it all in my apartment’s living room!

So I bit off more than I can chew.

I made this to submit to the Filmstro / Film Riot 1 minute contest in Dec 2018. I even submitted something… even though I ran out of time. I submitted it, went to sleep, and woke up a little over an hour later and went to work. After a good night’s rest, I watched what I submitted and thought “wow, this is crap”. The above video is me trying to do better after the contest.

If you want to know more about this project, watch my Oxygen Levels: Behind the Scenes walkthrough.

Special thank you to!

  • Louie Martinez – Pilot
  • Ashanti Maronie – Passenger
  • Mitch Fortier – Assistant Director
  • Tristan Aho – Set Decoration / PA
  • Ethan Aho – Producer / Director / Editor / DP / Tanker radio voice

Upcoming film!

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