I am a filmmaker… in my spare time. Working as a web developer does a much better job at paying the bills for me. But I am also a father and Cub Scout den leader. New Hampshire, USA Pack 4!

My scouts (and their parents) this year were great and they earned their Wolf badges. To celebrate, we met and exploded two watermelons with rubber bands.

I had my cell phone (Pixel 3) on a tripod. I also have my BMPCC4k to film the super slow motion at 120 fps. Luckily, my Blackmagic camera captured one of the exploding watermelons.

I should have double checked my work before posting this video, as I realize the color grading I did on the slow mo is a bit garbage. But it was great to use that feature and gain some experience with it.

The scouts were extremely excited for this whole project. They asked if it would be on YouTube and I said yes. They seemed surprised that _I_ had a YouTube channel. Two of them asked if I sold merch. Haha…. I didn’t tell them my subscriber count :).

For those that want to replicate, I used these rubber bands and it took ~200-300 rubber bands.


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