I couldn’t make the full festival, but I did go Friday. I left home at 8am and didn’t get home until midnight. What a blast!

Most importantly: I met other filmmakers. Ones that have MADE films and live in New Hampshire. This was very exciting to me.

I watched shorts, I watched features, and joined the State of Filmmaking in NH Roundtable and went to the SAG Indie presentation. I learned a ton and really loved the QA sessions.

I met a filmmaker from Arkansas (where I was raised) that lives in L.A. and shot a film in New Hampshire! I went to eat lunch and ended up sitting next to the 2018 NH Filmmaker of the Year award winner, Amy Jenkins (on-parting.com).

Here’s the two films I’m most excited to learn about coming out of NHFF trip (there are others, though):

Upcoming film!

Armadillo Stampede produced a film. Currently in post production, but you can find out more details at


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