“There’s an App for that.” We’ve all heard the joke. And when it comes to movies, there’s no shortage of apps. IMDB has one. You can use one to buy tickets. The movie Knocked Up taught us about MrSkin.com website and its dedication to finding and cataloging every nude scene. I can only imagine that Game of Thrones required them to hire a whole new department. And just to be clear… NSFW to go to that site and not for those younger than 18. Notice I’m not linking it so you don’t end up accidentally clicking. So if you get to it and get in trouble. Remember, not my fault. You put EFFORT into getting there.

But I just learned of something new the other day.

THERE’S AN APP… get this… that tells you the BEST TIME TO PEE during a movie. And will even give you an account of what you missed. It’s call RunPee.  Just look it up on your app store of choice.

Now full disclosure: I have not installed it. I didn’t like how much permissions it was asking for on my phone. But the comments indicated it is a micro transaction type app, but provides real data in return. And some people love it. For some, it solves a real problem for them. Not everyone has a bladder that can store contents under pressure… only to be released when the toilet needs cleaning. “dear, we should scrub the toilet”. “no honey, I’ll just pee harder”.

File this in your brain under the category of “The more you know :star:”

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