Chris is a friend from when our boys were both very young and their mothers met via a local mommy group. We met Chris’s family shortly after getting a kitten… and I made the silly mistake of naming my cat a human name. Which is also Chris’s son’s name. After 8 years, I still call my cat “cat” more than his actual name because of this. I wonder if I get a dog in the future if I’ll just name it “dog”.

Chris is extremely skilled in many things, including lightsabers. He often puts a camera on a tripod and records himself. For a contest, though, he asked if I wanted to try with my camera. Thanks for letting me practice with you, Chris!

I got to do a video with a lightsaber!

Man was this a learning experience. Doing is much different than reading.

  • I used my camera outside
  • In the cold (forgot gloves)
  • I needed an ND filter for the sun (forgot the adapter to get my ND on the lens)
  • I got to try various “stabilization” techniques. They all sucked… or rather, I was not good with them.

I also got to learn new editing skills. Please don’t stare at my color correcting too much :). I know… I know.

But it was fun to do this project from filming to editing. Even using my Triune 80s Synth music.

I’m happy with this project and I think my “client” was also pretty happy with it. He’s entered the video into a martial arts contest and I sent him a chat telling him “May the Votes Be With You”.

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