Playlist - Shorts


Rockets in Space: Space Rats

Pandemic: checkLiving room set: checkMe in front of camera: check (but bad idea)Result = I got to test a workflow from start camera on all the way to...


Cozmo meets R2-D2

This little short shows the Cozmo robot meeting some Star Wars astromech droids after finishing a movie. If you ever played with the old Droid...


Short Film: Allowance Owed

First day of shooting went badly… cell phone frame rates varied from shot to shot and the sun didn’t work with me. So I made a shot list...


Short Film: Oxygen Levels

Watch the crew of a small shuttle make their way to a tanker vessel in this short science fiction film. This is a very short science fiction genre...


PSA: Danger of Tickle Wars

1st video from Armadillo Stampede that attempts a story and uses our new camera, lights, and mic setup. So many mistakes, but we learned so much...

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